"These Travel Bingo Cards Were So Much Nicer And More Useful Than The Ones I Printed Off Of Another Site!"

Travel Bingo Cards
You've been searching all around the internet for travel bingo games for your kids and are probably just as frustrated as we were.

Most printable car bingo cards that you find are poorly created and simply won't keep your children occupied for more than a few minutes. We know, because we've printed them out and actually road tested many of them.

So We Made Our Own...

When you give your kids these travel bingo cards on your road trip, they'll actually have a choice (unlike many other free bingo cards). They'll be able to choose from 16 separate and unique cards.

An added benefit that these aren't your "run of the mill" car bingo cards. These actually have items that are interesting to look for and you won't find each item within only a few minutes of leaving your driveway. To get a bingo "blackout" and depending on the card chosen, it may take hours -- or even the entire trip!

Download Your Road Trip Bingo Cards Now...

You can get these car bingo games and over 140 pages of different activities by downloading your copy of the Ultimate Road Trip Games book right now.

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